Exhale. is wormhole space alliance that has been fortunate to have a long and
   rich history, on the path to power in wormhole space.    

  Today’s exhale came to exist out of a need for cooperation between two corporations which decided to share the same wormhole system.    

  Now we are a tightly knit group of players who enjoy drinking, laughing and
capital killing in the most dangerous surroundings of eve. We are not the most sophisticated or the most honest of folk out there, but we sure put up a good
show when the opportunity arises.    

  We see ourselves as w-space privateers. If it is fun and suits our needs we are interested, especially if it involves spaceship explosions. We are mercs as well
and we are a part of the mercenary contracts channel, a place for hiring parties
to find mercs.    

Diplomatic contacts: Chitsa Jason, Hathrul    
Mercenary contracts: Chitsa Jason, Hathrul